Google Analytics Cost Data Uploader – Release Notes V0.9


And we are live!

Google Analytics Cost Data Uploader is a self-serve dat integration tool to help non-technical marketers to integrate their Facebook and Microsoft ads data to Google Analytics.

Here are the key features of this release:

  • Added currency conversion support for 156 currencies for clients with multi-currency accounts. See currency list
  • The updated UTM matching algorithm reduces Google Analytics and ad data mismatches up to 40%. (Test was done using a popular alternative, where we used the same ad account to compare)
  • Historical data now uploads Google Analytics twice as fast. We created a new algorithm that dynamically adjusts query frequency to do this.
  • For Facebook Ads, we are using data from your Facebook page to sync promoted posts data.
  • Improvements Added automatic historical upload since 2019.
  • We use the data source time information to find the ideal time to upload.
  • We added support for multiple authentications within the same account. You can now use your account to sync multiple clients, with different logins.
  • Site switcher enabling you to switch across multiple client accounts with same login. You can now create clients their own accounts while still being able to access them with your own login.

This is the first version available public. We are planning to beta test it for few months until we iron out all issues.

Known issues

  • User can’t edit source and destination after creating a connection. We are working on this.
  • Facebook Ads has some few things that you need to pay attention to:
    • If you are using any Facebook variables in your ads (e.g {{}}), Facebook will always use the first campaign name variable. We always access the latest campaign information for UTM matching, hence there could be some mismatch. If you use campaign variables, we highly recommend you to keep the original campaign names.
    • For carousel ads, we are only getting the UTM tag of the first carousels link. If the ad uses different UTM tags for each carousel there will be some data mismatches.
    • To access data from page posts the person that authenticates the Facebook Ads connection will also need to have access to the Facebook pages used in the ad accounts.
    • Facebook Ads data updates up to 48 hours after the day finishes. To avoid discrepancies we only pull data that’s at least 48 hours old.

What’s next?

V0.9 is our first version available to public. We are planning to beta test it for few months until we iron out issues.

Any questions, feedback or comments please let us know in the comments!

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