Google Tag Manager Template for Drift v1


This is an unofficial Google Tag Manager template for the Drift App.

Use this template to set up Drift on your website and capture Drift events. Events flow into Google Tag Manager events so that you can easily integrate them with your analytics and marketing software.

How it works

The template automatically capture all events and send them to Google Tag Manager as events.

Drift EventHow it Appears on Tag Manager
Conversation StartedstartConversation
Conversation Selected conversation:selected
Message Sent message:sent
Message Received message
Email Captured – emailCapture
Phone Number CapturedphoneCapture
Meeting Request Sentscheduling:requestMeeting
Meeting Booked scheduling:meetingBooked
Playbook Firedconversation:playbookFired
Playbook Clickedconversation:playbookClicked
Playbook Dismissedconversation:playbookDismissed
Button Clickedconversation:buttonClicked
First Interactionconversation:firstInteraction


1. Add The Drift Pixel Tag To your account

  • Search for Drift in Templates > Search Gallery and add it to your workspace.
  • Copy your Drift ID from Drift Admin
  • Copy your Drift ID
  • Add your Drift ID to the new tag.
  • Select trigger as all page views. (or the pages you want Drift to show up)

2. Setup a trigger to use the Drift events

  • Create a new trigger > Select Custom events
  • To capture all events that Drift sends add enter event name drift and select use regex matching
  • To capture individual events use the event table above.

3. Send Events To Google Analytics

  • Create tags to send an event to Google Analytics [tk]

This template helps you to setup Drift and send all the campaign events that Drift has s to tag manager. You will find the full list events below.

4. Test your events en Google Analytics

Events that are not implemented in this version

Below events are not implemented. If you want to see these events please let us know in the comments and we’ll get them for you!

Sidebar events

  • sidebarOpen is the event that fires when the sidebar opens.
  • sidebarClose is the event that fires when the sidebar closes.

Welcome Message Events

  • welcomeMessage:open is the event that fires when the welcome message is open.
  • welcomeMessage:close fires when the welcome message is closed.

Away Message Events

  • awayMessage:open is the event fired when an away message opens.
  • awayMessage:close is the event fired when an away message closes.

Campaign Events

  • campaign:open fires when campaign begins.
  • campaign:dismiss fires when a user closes a campaign message.
  • campaign:click fires when a call to action (CTA) is clicked.
  • campaign:submit fires when a user starts a chat or submits an email capture.

Steps for how to setup the template

Examples for other templates:

  • sidebarOpen
  • welcomeMessage:open
  • welcomeMessage:close
  • awayMessage:open