Google Analytics Cost Data Uploader – New Features & Enhancements V0.91 ?


In this release we have some new features to improve the quality of your data in Google Analytics.

  • URL Shortener Detection: when a URL shortener is used, we can now access the UTM parameters in the final URL. Here’s a list of all shorteners we work with. If there are any other URL shorteners you work with let us know.
  • Extended Facebook Ads dynamic UTM variables. You can now see platform and placement information in your ads. To benefit from this feature make sure to use the dynamic UTM variables in your Facebook UTM tags. Learn more.
  • Apps Screen: We added a new way for you to see the status of all your connected apps in a single place. The primary use case is to re-authenticate your existing connections if they expire. 


Here are some more improvements that you may want to know about.

  • Web+App account bug solved. Google Analytics does not support cost upload for the new Web+App ad accounts. We now show an alert to point this out in the signup flow.
  • We revised customer support docs to add more information around how to use UTM tags more effectively.Learn more
  • We added new email notifications to alert when the historical data is uploaded, so that you don’t need to check Google Analytics to see when your data is uploaded.
  • We released a fix for the Google Analytics Account selection bug which was preventing users to integrate multiple Google Analytics accounts.
  • User invitation emails are fixed and we’ve added a new user verification flow. 
  • We disabled the ability too update currency once an integration is created. This was creating in consistencies in the data sets. If you want to change the currency, you’ll need to create a new integration.

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