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Sync your advertising data from Facebook and Microsoft Ads with Google Analytics in minutes

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Made for Data Driven Marketers

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Easy Setup
Setup in a few clicks. Get started in under an hour. No programming or code required.
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Always up-to-date
Attriva syncs your data with Google Analytics and your ad platforms every 24 hours.
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Automatic UTM matching
Our algorithm improves the UTM and campaign data match rate by 40%.
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Multi Currency Support
Convert ad spend in any currency to any desired currency using accurate daily exchange rates.

With all your advertising data in Google Analytics, optimise your marketing campaigns better with actionable and complete data.

Streamline reporting
Monitor performance of all your paid channels in Google Analytics.

Analyse ROI accurately (return on investment)
Combine the uploaded ad data with conversions from Google Analytics to analyse ROI for each if your channels.

Optimise better with attribution models
When all your data is together, you can use the Google’s Model Comparison Tool to see how different attribution models affect your conversion costs.

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Create an Attriva account
    Request early access below.

  2. Setup the integration
    Give Attriva access to your ad channels.

  3. Get better insights
    We’ll sync your ad channel data with Google Analytics.


Q: Why do I want my advertising data in Google Analytics?
A: When all your advertising data is in Google Analytics, you can analyse return on your advertising spend. You can also use Google Analytics conversions to calculate campaign performance. Getting our cost data also makes attribution comparison tool report more useful.

Q: What are the setup requirements?
A: Grant Attriva access to your Google Analytics and advertising accounts. Setup UTM tags for your campaigns.

Q: I don’t use UTM tags. Can I still use Attriva?
A: No. UTM tags are required to get the full benefit of Attriva. UTM tags are easy to setup and offer greater insights into your audience behavior. Our Guide to UTM Parameters walks you through every step of the process.

Q: My analytics need some work. Can you help?
A: Yes! We have a team of analytics experts that can help. Let us know how we can help.
Q: What advertising data gets synced?
A: Attriva syncs your cost data, impressions, and clicks. It also pulls together UTM parameters: source, medium, campaign, keyword, and content.

Q: Which advertising platforms do you integrate with?
A: Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads. More channels coming soon.

Q: Can I sync data from other marketing platforms with Attriva?
A: Yes. Have a specific platform in mind? Let us know.

Q: Why can’t I just use Facebook Ads reports?
A: When you analyze your paid-marketing performance using your ad platform’s reporting tools, you don’t see the full picture of your campaign performance. For instance, if a prospect sees your ad via Facebook Ads and Google Ads before they purchase, the conversion will count twice.

Q: How much does Attriva cost?
A: We’re offering Attriva to our Public Beta users at no cost. Attriva will be available in wide release as a monthly subscription.

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