Streamline Marketing Reporting & Calculate Marketing ROI.

Automate advertising cost data uploads from Facebook, Microsoft Ads and Capterranew to Google Analytics.

The missing feature in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers native integration for integrating with Google Ads, but offers no support for other ad platforms. Our tool fills the gap and imports your ad data from non-Google marketing platorms (Facebook, Microsoft..) into Google Analytics.

  • Streamline Marketing Reporting
  • See True Marketing ROAS
  • Optimize Your Spend Smarter

Spend less time data wrangling and more time analysing your campaign ROI

Create an account, authenticate your ad accounts and Google Analytics, we'll take care of the rest.
  • Automated Daily Imports

    Sync your data with Google Analytics and your ad platforms every day. No more manual uploads.
  • Smart UTM Matching

    Reduce UTM and campaign data mismatch issues and improve the session <> cost data match rate. We observed more than 40% better match rates than similar software.
  • Multi-Currency Support

    Select from 156 currencies to convert ad spend from one currency to another using CurrencyLayer daily exchange rates.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts

    Connect multiple ad accounts within one login. Perfect for agencies managing client accounts.
  • New

    Facebook Ads Dynamic Parameter Support

    We are the only cost data uploader to map your cost data to your Facebook campaigns.
  • New

    URL Shortener Detection

    When URL shorteners are used as destination URLs, we use UTMs used in the final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

More integrations coming soon

Let us know which channels you advertise at and we'll integrate!

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